Desert’s Embrace

Desert's Embrace


The desolate desert is not as it seems. With very little nurturing from Mother Nature herself the desert comes to life in all its glory as if it was always there. Astonished, I am, to witness such a resilient and miraculous vision as the desertscape is painted to life in brilliant colors with the stoke of her brush.
-Angela Marie


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Desert's Embrace

This collection is inspired by the earth, plants and animals in the environments that inspire me on my hiking adventures and travels around the Southern California deserts. It is an up-close and personal approach to looking at nature around me through a different lens and applying those inspirations to my art.  Please stay in touch as more pieces will to be added to this collection.

Desert Rose

This painting is inspired by the desert rose plant and its resilience to the most arid environments.

Night Bloom

This painting is inspired by the beautiful flowers of the Cereus night blooming cactus.

Texas Ebony

This painting is inspired by the desert loving Texas Ebony Tree.

Agave's Garden

Inspired by exotic agave plants from a variety of desert landscapes.

Red Bird

Inspired by the beautiful flowers of the Mexican Red Bird of Paradise.

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