The Importance of Creativity

Posted By Angela Marie on Dec 27, 2018

My name is Angela Marie; a creative in every sense of the word. In everything from nature to technology, creativity plays a major, if not the most influential, role in the world around us. Imagination, creativity and innovation is the ground work that inspires progress and beauty in many areas of our lives. My role as an artist is to share with you a part of my imagination by painting an amalgam of all of my favorite things that I enjoy seeing and am inspired by; those favorite things being nature, cultural diversity, fashion and the human form.

Every aspect of nature, such as colors and textures and the way light reflects on the landscapes, is my biggest inspiration. This is what fuels my creativity which I apply to all the aspects of my paintings. Using the textures and colors informs how I proceed with the subject matter.

The human body is very complex and diverse. I enjoy painting women because, to me, the female form symbolizes beauty, strength, grace and sensuality. The dichotomy of Nature-Nurture is present in my art as a way of showing the emotional and functional connections we as human beings have with nature. Every aspect of our lives involves nature in some form or another and its invaluable significance to us.

To create visual art is a form of communication that is intended to resonate with the viewer in a way that is personal and intimate. Art in all its forms is intended to tell a story of the past, the present and the future; it is intended to make us think, feel, and inspire. It is my desire to share my visual perspective of the beauty that exists in the world and how much of our environment and our experiences within it impacts us everyday.