Terra Mater

Terra Mater

by Angela Marie

This painting was inspired by the Goddess, Prithvi Mata.  It is the Hindu name for “Mother Earth”.  Terra Mater also means “Mother Earth” in Latin.

Giclee Print on Canvas


40″ x 30″ on Gallery-wrapped canvas 1-1/2” depth.


Original SOLD

40″ x 30″  *Limited Edition Print available for $925.00

* Limited Edition Print available (not including sales tax or shipping). This Limited Edition Print is numbered and signed by the artist and will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity. To order your print, please email the artist for details and payment.

Purchasing Information is available here.

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Body, Art & Soul

This collection is a more emotionally expressive look into a deeper part of my creative soul.  Through these paintings, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable, expressive, empathetic and thoughtful, which enables me to feel more connected not only to myself but to an audience that these pieces might also resonate with.  In this collection, my heart and soul is on display. Please stay in touch as more pieces will to be added to this collection.

Terra Mater

This painting was inspired by the Goddess, Prithvi Mata. It is the Hindu name for "Mother Earth". Terra Mater also means "Mother Earth" in Latin.

Vivid Soul

This painting was inspired by the love of creativity within.  It is symbolic of a kind of creative soul that paints from the heart and desires to share who she is inside.

The Gathering

The Gathering

This painting was inspired by the current planetary environmental crisis affecting our delicate ecosystem. The animals surrounding Mother Earth are all either endangered species or under threat due to climate change.



This painting was inspired by the many aspects of the human condition. Sadness, fear, anger, depression, and anxiety.  This piece is a symbolic illustration of those emotions and the resulting loneliness and isolation that occur.

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