The cohesive theme among the collections are my use of bold rich colors, visual depth, texture and the human form.  My application techniques are inspired by mosaic style art and pointillism in combination with my own unique style and composition in order to create contrasting textures and details.

Desert's Embrace

This collection is inspired by the earth, plants and animals in the environments that inspire me on my hiking adventures and travels around the Southern California deserts.  It is an up-close and personal approach to looking at nature around me through a different lens and applying those inspirations to my art.

Body, Art & Soul

This collection is a more emotionally expressive look into a deeper part of my creative soul.  Through these paintings, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable, expressive, empathetic and thoughtful, which enables me to feel more connected not only to myself but to an audience that these pieces might also resonate with.  In this collection, my heart and soul is on display.

Culture & Fashion

This collection is about the sensuality and beauty of the female form with influences of fashion and the traditional aspects of different cultures from around the world.  With my own unique approach to all the elements that inspire me, this collection is my creative interpretation of the cultural influences of fashion and feminine strength and sensuality.

The Dancing Desert

This mini series of smaller sized paintings, done in a pointillism technique, is inspired by the desert’s sunrises, sunsets, and the twinkling stars of the moonlit sky. Capturing the silhouette of the unique shapes of the desert-scape allows my inner childlike imagination to flourish with a fresh perspective. I imagine the desert plants coming to life and dancing when human eyes are not watching. Please stay in touch as more pieces will be added to this collection.

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