About the Artist

About the Artist

Angela Marie

Artist Statement

Painting is a form of therapy and relaxation for me, as well as a soul searching experience. When I sit down to paint, it is my desire to create something that is visually stimulating and intriguing. There are four different elements I strive to incorporate into my art: Visual depth, rich color, texture, and human emotion. Employing my background in fashion and art, my creative works are influenced by the human body, fashion, architecture, and the natural environment. I can look at something completely unrelated to a painting and see an element that catches my interest and it conjures up creative inspirations that I channel into my work.

In my larger collection, called Culture & Fashion, I have incorporated the sensuality and beauty of the female form with influences of fashion and the traditional aspects of different cultures from around the world. With my own unique approach to all the elements that inspire me, this collection is my creative interpretation of the cultural influences of fashion and feminine strength and sensuality.

Acrylic paint is my medium of choice along with subtle touches of glass beads, pearls, shells, and natural stones to add a more tactile element to the artwork. My application techniques are inspired by mosaic style art and pointillism in combination with my own unique style and composition in order to create contrasting textures and details. I begin my creative process by setting up a relaxing environment in my home studio, and I always sketch some ideas on paper and then apply my inspirations to the canvas. Some of my pieces are created exactly as intended from my original sketch, while most pieces evolve from a deeper part of my creative side in order to be more expressive and spontaneous.

I am passionate about sharing my creative works in the way in which I perceive beauty in the human form and the emotion visualized in the posturing and facial expressions that we can all relate to on different levels. Bringing this emotion to canvas, with paint, in a visually stimulating and expressive way is how I communicate, who I am and what I love to do, with the rest of the world.

Artist Biography

Angela Marie is a self-taught contemporary figurative acrylic artist. Her artistic passion began as a child spending time with her German immigrant grandmother who paints landscapes in oil. Art seems to run deep in Angela Marie’s blood as she has recently discovered that her great-great grandfather Johann Henkel (1872-1944) was a well known artist in Germany.

Angela Marie also has an interest in fashion and attended the New York Fashion Academy in Seattle, Washington. Shortly after school she moved to California to pursue a career in the fashion and art industry working in costume design for the Palm Springs Follies. She also did some part-time work for Jeremy Scott, a well-known fashion designer in the Hollywood Hills. With her combined interest in fashion and art, Angela Marie is inspired to incorporate both passions in her focused medium of acrylic on canvas.

Angela is a local artist who has been in the Coachella Valley for over a decade and resides with her husband in Palm Desert, California.

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